Giuseppe Tornatore – Director

On Assignment / La Vanguardia Spain, about the release of the movie:”La Corrispondenza”, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. Giuseppe Tornatore is an italian director, Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language movie with “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” in 1990.  All rights reserved – ©ViolaDamiani

Marc Van Rampelberg – Rampel Design Nairobi

I have had the chance to meet Marc Van Rampelberg in his studio/showroom in Nairobi to portrey him. He has invented a unique way to work with wood by dividing it in slices, put it together, and create very smooth and rounded shapes. These items are all handmade, made with the best hard woods youContinua a leggere “Marc Van Rampelberg – Rampel Design Nairobi”